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Tolerance Stack-up Analysis


  • Emphasize the underlying principles of verifying GD&T
  • Learn to perform and develop tolerance stack-up analysis
  • Correctly apply geometric feature control frame data into tolerance stack
  • Apply step-by-step methodology to tolerance stack-up analysis


  • Brief overview of GD & T and part dimensioning
  • GD&T requirements per ASME Y14.5M-2009
  • Dimensional Tolerancing strategies
  • Review of GD & T on part drawings
  • Worst case dimensional conditions
  • Calculating boundaries for GD&T, MMC, LMC and RFS
  • Tolerance stackup fundamentals
  • How to identify the stack path
  • Factoring Various GD & T applied into the Stack
  • Overview of bonus and shift tolerance
  • Minimum and maximum gap analysis
  • Part vs. assembly stacks
  • Final test on proficiency of Tolerance Stack-up Analysis

Who can attend?

  • Product design engineers, Product definition Engineers
  • Quality control Inspectors, Assembly engineers
  • Fresh engineers Searching jobs
  • Experienced engineers for career progression
Cost (INR) : 3,500 -/-