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Metallic and Elastomeric seal design


  • Detailed overview of functions of various types of seals
  • Demonstrate the design considerations for Metal seal
  • Selection of proper material for sealing elements
  • Understand different types of elastomeric seals
  • Demonstrate the design considerations for elastomeric seal
  • Design calculations to validate seal concepts
  • Finite element analysis validation for Metal seal design
  • Selection of commercially available seals during product design
  • Understand the possible causes of seal failures and prevention


  • Fundamentals of Mechanical Seal Operation
  • Detailed overview of various types of elastomeric seals
  • Seal design requirements
  • Installation considerations for Seals
  • Material selection for seals
  • Design criteria for Metal seal
  • High pressure seals
  • Role of Finite element analysis in seal design
  • Seal selection and failure modes

Who can attend?

  • Experienced engineers for career progression
  • Product Designers, R&D Engineers
  • Fresh engineers Seeking job
  • End users of seals, Maintenance engineers
Cost (INR) : 4,000 -/-