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Mechanical Conceptual design


  • Provide overview of Mechanical design process
  • Illustrate conceptual design with examples
  • Teach step by step approach to concept design to drawings with examples
  • Understand factors influencing design conceptualization


  • New product development process
  • Design requirements and problem definition
  • Factors that influence conceptual design
  • Basics of Mechanical conceptual design
  • Strength of material basics and failure theories
  • Solving example Tool design problem
  • Generate multiple concepts and concept down-select
  • Free body diagram(FBD) based on loading
  • Material selection approach
  • Engineering calculations based on FBD
  • Approach to Manufacturing drawing with tolerance

Who can attend?

  • Engineering and Diploma students seeking jobs
  • Early career engineers for enhancing capability
  • Anyone interested to learn conceptual design
Cost (INR) : 6500 -/-