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Course for Children

The Need and Approach:

  • There is a sentiment shared by many parents that, just being acceptable is not enough in the modern advanced world. Therefore, how do we ensure that our children can excel and produce exceptional performance in their life?
  • Children at ThriveSkill will be learning important aspects of character development, such as leadership and public speaking. Our teaching methodology contain several methods for improving body language, voice, emotions, and speech crafting. By incorporating highly engaging learning curriculum, your kids will learn the essentials and master the public speaking skills. The development of such transferable skills are considered vital in today’s society, since academic achievements alone can no longer guarantee future success.


  • Enhance children’s confidence and self-esteem to speak up, having fun
  • Learn to speak in right pace, contents, tone and body language to engage an audience
  • Master the skills to effectively design, develop and deliver a speech

The agenda :

  • Public speaking fundamentals
  • Learn how to overcome fear to be confident and calm
  • Learn to bring smiles and laughter in speeches
  • Learn to develop body language to assert authority & leadership
  • Learn the art of bringing stories to life
  • Learn to inspire through speech and be respected as a leader
  • Learn to capture audiences’ attention and constantly engage them
  • Learn to describe clearly and systematically
  • Master strong and confident eye contact patterns
  • Learn to bring smiles and laughter in speeches
  • Develop courage and determination through public speaking