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Subsea drilling and Wellheads

Prerequisite : Basic overview – Oil & Gas-Upstream system


  • Familiarize with major components of subsea drilling
  • Provide basic overview of offshore drilling system
  • Understand the functions of Subsea wellhead
  • Provide overview of applicable industry standards for Wellhead


  • Subsea drilling system overview
  • Major components of subsea drilling and functions
  • Major components on a Subsea drilling Rig
  • Details of how an oil well is drilled
  • Overview of subsea casing program
  • Subsea wellhead overview and functions
  • Critical factors to consider in wellhead design
  • Overview of wellhead installation and tools
  • Applicable Industry codes governing Subsea drilling equipment

Who can attend?

  • Oil and Gas professionals seeking to learn drilling and wellheads
  • New comers into Oil and Gas domain
  • Oil-field equipment design engineers/Field service engineers
  • Any others willing to learn about Subsea drilling
Cost (INR) : 10,500 -/-